Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Animation Reflection Questions

        For the technical aspect of my animation video i made my peach rotate as if its actually falling. I made the peach fall and bounce more than once and I also made it disappear into the basket as if it bounced inside the basket.

     My idea for my video was to have my setting taken place outside because of the peach tree (peach trees grow outside). I want to  have the peach fall from the tree and have it bounce and rotate into the basket at the end of the clip. For my background Mr. K added mountains for the 3D effect and for my ground i added little patches of grass to add more depth. I also added dark colours to the tree bark and leaves to also add more depth.

      To be honest i didn't really have any influences towards making this clip. Although growing up i have always loved the cartoon Spongebob. I love how funny it was and how unrealistic and realistic it was. I loved how when they zoomed out of the character and they would look normal but when they zoomed in on a character it showed their true identity.

     A did a lot of composition throughout my background and actually peach. I used different colours to add more depth to the subject. For example for my peach Mr. Kroford added 3 colours to make it look as if it is a real peach because peaches don't only have one colour.

     What really motivated me to fulfill my requirements were all the class time i had for this assignment to make it the clip that i wanted. I also tried to focus on my own work by listening to music so i don't get distracted.

     The elements i feel that interest me the most was when the peach falls it rotates to make it more realistic because, if i had a peach fall straight down then it wouldn't be realistic, peaches don't fall straight down. What really surprised me was that i finished this project. I thought it was going to be hard to do but it wasn't. If i had more time i would add more shadows and realistic sound effects along with adding a bright sun.

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