Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Animation Reflection Questions

        For the technical aspect of my animation video i made my peach rotate as if its actually falling. I made the peach fall and bounce more than once and I also made it disappear into the basket as if it bounced inside the basket.

     My idea for my video was to have my setting taken place outside because of the peach tree (peach trees grow outside). I want to  have the peach fall from the tree and have it bounce and rotate into the basket at the end of the clip. For my background Mr. K added mountains for the 3D effect and for my ground i added little patches of grass to add more depth. I also added dark colours to the tree bark and leaves to also add more depth.

      To be honest i didn't really have any influences towards making this clip. Although growing up i have always loved the cartoon Spongebob. I love how funny it was and how unrealistic and realistic it was. I loved how when they zoomed out of the character and they would look normal but when they zoomed in on a character it showed their true identity.

     A did a lot of composition throughout my background and actually peach. I used different colours to add more depth to the subject. For example for my peach Mr. Kroford added 3 colours to make it look as if it is a real peach because peaches don't only have one colour.

     What really motivated me to fulfill my requirements were all the class time i had for this assignment to make it the clip that i wanted. I also tried to focus on my own work by listening to music so i don't get distracted.

     The elements i feel that interest me the most was when the peach falls it rotates to make it more realistic because, if i had a peach fall straight down then it wouldn't be realistic, peaches don't fall straight down. What really surprised me was that i finished this project. I thought it was going to be hard to do but it wasn't. If i had more time i would add more shadows and realistic sound effects along with adding a bright sun.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Chuck Jones

     Chuck Jones or Charles Martin "Chuck" was born on September 21, 1912 in Spokane Washington and died on February 22 2006 in Corona Del Mar, California U.S. Through out his life he was known as an famous American animator, screen writer , cartoon artist, and director. He was mostly remembered for his classic cartoon shows such as Looney Toons and Merrie Melodies shorts for the well known Warner Bros. Cartoons.
       Jones grew up in Hollywood where he observed many talents and occasionally worked as a child extra in Mac Senette comedies. After graduating from the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, Chuck would put up a stand and drew pencil portraits for a dollar on Olvera Street. In 1932 he landed his first job in the animation industry as a cel washer for former Disney animator Ubbe Iwerks. It was through Iwerks where he met his wife Dorothy Webster. She and him got married in 1932 and had their only daughter in 1937, Linda. A year after Linda was born he directed his first film, The Night Watchman. Chuck then worked for the Warner Bros. until the studio closed in 1962. Jones moved to MGM where he created one of the most famous cartoon ever made, Tom and Jerry. He was also involved in the creation of The Phantom of the Toothbrush and Dr.Suess' How the Grinch stole Christmas. He won and AcademyAward for his film The dot and the Line.
     After the death of his first wife, Jones met and remarried the love of his life, Marien Dern who remained his best friend, lover companion for the rest of his life.


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Video Game Reflection Questions


The project included the main game which was the Flappy bird game. I just replaced the pipes with pollution related items such as garbage cans and the pipes used in factories. I also changed the bird into a plastic bag which in my opinion relates to my theme.

My idea for my video game was pollution. Pollution is a world issue, people just think of getting rid of the waste, they don't think of where the waste is going. My idea was to make my background as a city with a lot of pollution and change the pipes into pollution related items.

 No particular artist influenced me for my idea although, seeing other countries and traveling the world influenced me into getting more involved with this situation.


What really motivated me was all the class time we got for this assignment and the help i got from peers and the teacher. It really helped me understand more about the program which made me want to fulfill the requirements that i needed and wanted.

Critical Assignment
The elements that i thought i did well on were, having a clear theme that is easy to understand also making my items relate to my theme. What really surprised me was how i got everything to work with only breaking the game once.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Video Game Brainstorm

1.  For my video game idea I was thinking of the theme of pollution. The video game will be based on flappy bird but instead of a bird it will be a plastic bag and instead of the pipes it will be pollution related ideas, such as garbage cans, water bottles etc.

2. For my second idea I was thinking of doing a game based on what is happening with the war.I will have past and presents photos that are related to the war.

3. My last theme idea would be related to world hunger. Where I would change the memory game into a poverty game. I would change the pictures into photos that are related to world poverty.